What is Permaculture?
Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around mimicking or directly utilising the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. The term permaculture was developed and created by David Holmgren and his professor, Bill Mollison, in 1978. The word permaculture was originally referred to as “permanent agriculture”, but was expanded to stand also for “permanent culture”, […]
Organic Eggs vs Free Range
Question :   When is a Free Range egg not called a Free Range egg? Answer :      When it’s an Organic egg! This is not a joke! Please read on… Legislation does not permit Organic egg producers to label their eggs as ‘Free Range’,  despite the fact that laying hens reared under organic principles are more […]
Organic Eggs
The difference between free range and organic eggs? The differences are more significant than people imagine. Organic eggs are superior in taste due to the high quality feed and the complete production ethos. No additives, antibiotic residues and GMO soya is in the feed. Our hen ranges are regularly rotated. They get a change of […]
Pumpkin or Squash?!
CLASSIC PUMPKIN SOUP – FAST & EASY Especially in winter, there’s nothing better than dunking crusty bread into a big bowl of creamy pumpkin soup (but with no cream in it!). The way I make it, it’s darn tasty and just 4 steps – a bit of chopping, plop 5 ingredients into a pot, simmer […]
Spiced cauliflower with pomegranate and tahini
Photo by Michael Craig Inspired by Yotam Ottolenghi, this recipe is a Kiwi twist to a Middle Eastern specialty. Serves 4 as a side. print this recipe Ingredients ½ Cauliflower, florets removed 1 Tbsp Olive oil ½ tsp Curry powder ½ tsp Cumin 1 bunch Fresh basil, or lemon basil if you can get it […]
Crown Prince Squash Raw Chocolate Truffles
  1   This inventive recipe comes from a customer Hazel O Sullivan, a yoga teacher from Cork.  ‘They are really yummy and guilt free!!’ . ‘You don’t need any fancy machines either just a blender or a food processor. Kids will have great fun helping specially when it comes to rolling out the little […]
Roast butternut squash and red onion with tahini and za’atar
1 large butternut squash (around 1.1kg), cut into 2cm x 6cm wedges  2 red onions, cut into 3cm wedges  50ml olive oil  Maldon sea salt and black pepper  3½ tbsp tahini paste 1½ tbsp lemon juice  3 tbsp water  1 small garlic clove, crushed  30g pine nuts 1 tbsp za’atar 1 tbsp roughly chopped parsley If you want […]
Carrot cake paleo
As far back as I can remember, my mother has asked for a carrot cake for her birthday. This past year, we surprised her with a grain-free version, which was a huge hit. After sharing this recipe on our website, we received feedback from many followers that this was not only a great grain-free substitute, […]
Kale Pesto
kale Pesto.   What have you got growing in your garden….kale, rocket, or Parsley? Any of these make an amazing pesto with a little tweak here or there. about 250g of kale juice of one lemon plenty of good quality olive oil. ( not bitter tasting) salt and pepper Garlic to taste 2-3 cloves depending […]
Chard, Leek & Egg Pie
Ingredients (serves 5/6) 3 leeks 10 chard stems 1 large garlic clove 2 tbsp olive oil 4 leaves of frozen filo pastry (cut in half to make 8 squares) 5 eggs 1/2 tsp nutmeg 180g Feta cheese, crumbled 1 tbsp sesame seeds
Ingredients (serves 5) 500g kale 500g potatoes 2 leeks 250ml milk salt and pepper to taste pinch ground mace 125g butter