Kale Pesto

kale Pesto.   What have you got growing in your garden….kale, rocket, or Parsley? Any of these make an amazing pesto with a little tweak here or there. about 250g of kale juice of one lemon plenty of good quality olive oil. ( not bitter tasting) salt and pepper Garlic to taste 2-3 cloves depending on size 1 dessertspoon full of honey or argave syrup 2 good handfuls of almonds of walnuts. (We usually soak almonds or walnuts for 20 mins in warm water first. Parmesan Cheese about 75g chopped small wash and de stem kale blend thoroughly with oil and garlic add soaked almonds and cheese and blend to desired smoothness.   Put in glass jar with oil to cover the surface and keep in fridge   NB this pesto can also be frozen.. Great way to encourage the family to get their greens! .


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