Organic Eggs vs Free Range

Question :   When is a Free Range egg not called a Free Range egg?

Answer :      When it’s an Organic egg!

This is not a joke! Please read on…

Legislation does not permit Organic egg producers to label their eggs as ‘Free Range’,  despite the fact that laying hens reared under organic principles are more ‘free range’ than the free range ones! But the story of your egg goes far beyond free-ranging as the following table shows;

Free range Organic
Feed  contains genetic soya. Organic standards prohibit the use of G.M. materials  
Contains yolk colourant(s) No colourants  permitted
Contains synthetic proteins None permitted
Antibiotics allowed & used in free range production. Only used in exceptional circumstances.
Birds have less space requirements  to roam and less space in the house. Organic hens have greater space to roam inside and outside on pastures.
Sprays and pesticides are used in grain production. None used in Organic grain production
Free range birds are usually part of  larger commercial systems. Organic birds are normally part of small scale farms.

Organic Eggs cost slightly more due to extra feed costs and a more ‘hands-on’, less automated production method.  We hope this clarifies the confusion and helps you to make positive informed choices for yourself and your family. Enjoy the tasty egs.


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Organic Eggs vs Free Range
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