Perfect Baked Squash Falafel

This recipe is an adapation from The Extra Virgin Kitchen … Definately worth investing in an icecream scoop!

Roast squash or if you want to use carrots and beets that works perfectly as well. ( 1kg)

250g of Gram flour/ chickpea flour

Chop or process  3 garlic cloves,

zest and juice of lemon

3 tablespoons of coconut oil

3 spring onions or baby leek

4 tesapoons cumin

Black Nigella seeds to sprinkle on top

Simply roast veg, mash them in a processor with all other ingredients and most of oil.

Then chill in freezer for 20 mins and either shape by hand or use ice cream scoop.

Place small falafel on baking sheet and cook in oven for 20-40 mins 170oc depends on size. Sprinkle on Nigella seeds.  Can be frozen easily as well


Serve with Tahini and lime sauce. ( Mix tahini, lime juice, a little honey and some water to your taste! Add yoghurt as well if you like.


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